Barnsley Beekeepers

Got your Barnsley BKA Membership…now what?

Congratulations! Great decision!

You have made a great choice. Barnsley BKA is a great place to start your beekeeping journey! Once you have paid your membership, you will have full access to all the benefits of being a Barnsley member.

What next?

Now that you have your membership, which includes public liability insurance, you'll do doubt want to get cracking! Below you will find some helpful starting points...

Sep - May we have a winter programme of events and meetings are held in Gilroyd Social Club on the first Monday of the month.

May - Sep we have weekly apiary meetings on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm.

View our calendar to see the events that are happening.


BIBBA offer a £15 eLearning Introduction to Beekeeping course which will give you the basic knowledge that you will need. It's not a substitute to a good, practical beginners course.

Sign-up for the BIBBA eLearning Course

In May we hold an 8week beginners course. Places are limited and booking is essential. The course is a joint event between Wakefield and Barnsley and is held at the Wakefield Association Apiary.

The course is run by Ivor Flatman, retired Regional Bee Inspector for Yorkshire.

Our secretary, Mike, has put together a list of the items that you will and might need as you begin your journey in beekeeping.

You'll also find a list of local queen and bee sellers.

The National Bee Improvement Programme (NatBIP)

BIBBA launched their NatBIP strategy a couple of years ago. Its twin aims are reducing the number of imports of honey bees into Britain, Ireland and associated islands, and improving the quality of our honey bees. The programme aims to provide a way forward to a stable and sustainable future for our beekeeping.