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Equipment and Bees

Bees & Queens for Sale

Some of our members breed their own queens and bees and either sell them as part of their income or sell surplus stock.

Find sellers on our map so that you can identify local stock.

First Year


  • Hive Complete national hive & stand in (Open mesh floor, national brood box with runners, 2 x supers, Queen excluder, crown board & roof)
  • Brood Frames DN4 x11 (Nucs usually come on 5 or 6 frames anyway so you might only need 5 or 6 initially, but be prepared for needing more)
  • super frames – SN4 x22
  • Foundation (BS Deep and shallow if you've a national hive)
  • Full bee suit recommended. (You’ll also need boots or wellies and gloves of your choice – Marigolds or nitrile)
  • Hive tool Stainless steel
  • Smoker Stainless steel
  • Rapid feeder
  • Varroa treatment – the association tend to do a bulk buy late summer for members to join in


  • Feeder Contact feeder
  • Dummy board Ply
  • Uncapping fork Plastic handle
  • Bee brush Wooden with natural bristles
  • Strainer Standard double sieve £20.00
  • Honey tank 25L plastic settling tank with valve

Second Year

  • Queen handling queen marking cage or push in queen marking cage
  • Queen marker pen
  • Extra kit ready for manipulations.