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Latest information regarding Asian hornet early season surveillance

Latest information regarding Asian hornet early season surveillance

From the analysis conducted at Fera Science Ltd a number of areas have been identified where there is a low risk that Asian hornet queens have overwintered. In response the NBU are making plans to carry out spring trapping, including how to work collaboratively with stakeholders to monitor traps at locations across Kent, East Sussex, Devon and North Yorkshire. BeeBase will be updated if there are any credible sightings or Asian hornets captured.

Think you have seen Asian Hornet - Report It 

Where to report sightings

If you think you have seen an Asian hornet, please notify the Great British Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) immediately. In the first instance sightings should be reported through the free Asian Hornet Watch App, available for Android and iPhone

Other methods of reporting the hornet also include using the NNSS online notification form. Finally, you can send any suspect sightings to the Non Native Species email address . Where possible, a photo, the location of the sighting and a description of the insect seen should be included.