7th Sep AGM
5th Oct Charles Austin- Large Scale Beekeeping
2nd Nov Buckfast Abbey- A history of beekeeping at the Abbey
7th Dec Christmas Socially-Distanced Social (CoViD-19 dependant)
th Jan No Meeting
1st Feb Celia Davis- Nuc It!
1st Mar TBC
5th April TBC


Speaker Biography


Charles Austin

Our very own Charles Austin is an engaging and experienced beekeeper with 30 plus years of beekeeping experience. He runs around 150 colonies and is also our Winter Apiary Manager. Charles is an fan of Keld Brandstrup’s gentle Buckfast Danish bees. Charles is also a keen scuba diver.

Buckfast Abbey

A History of Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey – Why was Br Adam a celebrity beekeeper? His work is put into a historical context and reassessed in the light of contemporary scientific research. A contemplative journey into the roots of beekeeping at
the Abbey which finishes with how the bee department (alive and kicking) operates now. Clare Densley & Martin Hann.

Celia Davis B.Sc. NDB

Use and production of nucleus hives. Celia has two great passions: gardening and insects, more particularly bees. She started beekeeping 40 years ago, holds an NDB but has now reduced her beekeeping to 2 colonies at the bottom of the (new) garden. In an earlier life she was a teacher and lecturer, a visiting lecturer at 2 universities and now talks to various groups, including many beekeeping organisations. She also writes articles and has written two highly regarded books on bees. She has held various posts in Warwickshire Beekeepers Association over many years.