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Barnsley Beekeepers Association
Bee keeping in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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Site Terms


These terms apply to the web site (the Site) of the Barnsley Beekeepers Association (the Association) using the web address of www.barnsleybeekeepers.org.uk


The content of this Site is protected by international copyright regulations. Barnsley Beekeepers Association reserves all rights on content, pictures and diagrams. Content taken from other sources is done so with relevant permissions granted and links or credits are given accordingly subject to such permissions. No copying or reproduction of any text or pictures from this Site is permitted unless permission is granted in writing by the Association.


No information given in this Site is intended to be given as legal advice or medical advice and the reader should not interpret the information as such.

The content given on this site is intended for interest purposes only. The content of this site has been compiled with all due care and attention however the Association or any of the contributors accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies.

The use of and/or reliance upon any information given in this Site are the sole responsibility of the user and the Association and/or any of its contributors shall not be liable for any accidents, losses (consequential or otherwise), death or injury suffered by any reader or third party to which any information from the Site is given.


General Enquiries - Any information provided to the Association by enquirers on this Site (or though email, fax or phone) shall not be held or used by the Association (unless the nature of an enquiry expressly requires that private or personal information is held for a given length or time or for a particular purpose) for any longer than it takes to answer any given enquiry. The Association will not pass such details to any other party.

Association Membership - Where a person becomes a member (The Member) of the Association, the Association shall retain only those details necessary to maintain proper membership of the Association, the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association and the British Beekeepers Association (membership of the Yorkshire and British Beekeepers Associations are given through membership of the Barnsley Beekeepers Association).

The Member of the Association grants permission to the Association to pass any details regarding the Member, given in the Member’s application for membership or renewal thereof, to the Yorkshire and/ or British Beekeepers Association in respect of the proper operation of those associations.

In respect of any information held about the Member, the Member agrees that any of the Barnsley, Yorkshire or British Beekeepers Associations may pass such information to any court of competent jurisdiction, officer of the law, official regulator or any other person with legal authority to request such information. Membership details shall not be given to any other party during the period of membership or at any time after membership has ceased without the express written permission of the person to which the information relates.