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Bee keeping in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

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Keeping Bees - Equipment

The possible list of equipment, gadgets and gizmos that exist for keeping bees is virtually endless. Beekeepers often come up with their own variations of existing equipment or even entirely new gadgets to help in some way or another. This section concentrates on the basics only. Over time, new beekeepers will find out about additional items they may want to use or even invent their own.

Bee keeping equipment falls into a number of categories according to what is needed or how it is intended to be used.  Hover over the images below to see more information.

Housing Bees

Bee hive - the fundamental piece of equipment needed to be able to “keep” bees (more)

Inspecting and handling bees

Protective clothing - essential for personal safety and confidence (more)

Smoker - a little smoke can alter the behaviour of the bee

Hive tool - a useful tool to prize apart hive parts, clean off wax and propolis and lift frames

Bee health

Feeder - at times bees may need to be fed sugar syrup

Treatments - from time-to-time it is essential to treat bees for various ailments (more)

Moving and making increasing

Nucleus box - not essential , but useful for housing a swarm or making up nuclei from main colonies

Travelling screen - a mesh crown board that allows heat to escape when transporting full hives

Straps - strong straps keep the hive parts together when moving hives (essential to stop hives coming apart in a vehicle

Honey production

Honey equipment - the aim for most beekeepers is the production of honey. Various items of equipment will be needed for this depending on what kind of product you wish to produce

Popout - hive.PNG Popout - clothing.PNG Popout - feeder.PNG Popout - Hive tools.PNG Popout - smoker.PNG Popout - disease.PNG Popout - nucleus hive.PNG Popout - screen.PNG Popout - straps.PNG Popout - Honey Eqpt.PNG